What would Tom Waits do

I'm writing about my experience of feeling inferior because I have noticed how much it affects me and my passion for music.
While I can almost hear people say,  'Are you kidding, you're always so outgoing'.  Those with insight may…


A room of ones own

I want to talk about women supporting women.

What kind of women do we want in the world?
Insecure?  Bitchy?  Competitive?
Strong, Supportive and Vibrant?
I have a dear friend, who I love to bits; she’s a fashion model…

The universe doesn’t give a shit about you

Sorry, it really doesn’t.
How do I know? Well, I don’t for sure but to say otherwise negates all logical and rational thought.
Am I saying my religious friends are illogical? Yes.
Do I think they are deluded? Yes.

I take your hate and I create

I used to be so scared of men, I had reasons; a violent father, being raped in my teens, a series of violent and abusive relationships and a system so dismissive of women that we still can’t get paid equally.…

Who the fuck does Ilona Harker think she is?!

Who the fuck does Ilona Harker think she is? 
It’s taken over a year to be able to lock Ilona down for an interview, as a singer/songwriter/cabaretartist/visualartist/microbrewerist/soapboxer/mother/poet and poetess of lowbrow haiku, she's a busy one.
She also attempts to…

The false economy of forced positivity

As bummed as I am to admit it, I think I must; I haven’t felt happy in weeks.
It’s a really difficult time for me and no new–age pithy inspirational poster with dolphins at sunset will make my spiritual Styrofoam…

Fear and loving in Laissez-faire

1st Feb, 2015


In a few weeks I will move on, away from my comfortable nest and into the unknown.
I have been forced to move due to a greedy landlord and that’s usually quite traumatic for me but I…

Ally the circus girl and how she broke my heart

Ally was the sweetest vegemite kid from down the street. I was nearly 17 and she was nearly 16. I was living in a psuedo communist/anarchist/activist drug den in New Farm, just up the road from young Mr. Birmingham and…

Death, love and teenagers

Today I ran into two artists who I admire greatly, one a musician who is known worldwide and the other a photographer who has photographed the world. Both told me they had cancer; the first was this morning at the…