My broken junk

I am a sailor on your sea of hope 
In a junk full of holes 
as your surge swells around 
I stand, legs apart shouting 
"You, my friend, have been found!" 

And you cast more fury, 
And I swing more truly, 
championing natures fight 
And nothing, nothing can be more beautiful 
Except, perhaps loves first light 

You send me vicious walls of pain 
that whip like the smart of a cane 
Then send me silence, echoless and dead 
In years and years of stillness 
as that lone albatross circles overhead 

I see you in the dead sea fog 
and call out so you wont get lost. 
And you bark back 
your wild hair wild thrashing 

I laugh as you take my boat, 
my broken junk full of holes 
and set upon it. 
Throwing your rage at me 
And you scream 

And my poor little boat 
My little shoe boat 
takes all you throw 
yet keeps me safe on deck 
until I can bear it no more, 
and I, I jump over board 

And you cast more fury 
As I sink into you, 
swallowed whole, 
silent and strong 
but I drown in your fear 
and you awake with a dead enemy. 

And the sea is silent and endless 
and the sky and sea 
never fall into each other 
As I fell into you 
and that calms you 
but leaves you more alone than ever. 

-Ilona Harker 2009