1. Honey Child

From the recording That Which Lasts

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I found this poem online and loved it so I played around with my favorite chord and put this together. It's by Sarojini Naidu.

HONEY, child, honey, child, whither you go?
Would you cast your jewels all to the breezes that blow?
Would you leave the mother who on golden grain fed you?
Would you grieve the lover who is riding forth to wed you?

Mother mine, Mother mine, to the wild forest I am going,
Where upon the champa boughs the champa buds are blowing;
To the köil-haunted river-isles where lotus lilies glisten,
The voices of the forest folk are calling me: O listen!

Honey, child, honey, child, the world is full of pleasure,
Of bridal-songs and cradle-songs and sandal-scented leisure.
Your bridal robes are in the loom, silver and saffron glowing,
Your bridal cakes are on the hearth: O whither are you going?

The bridal-songs and cradle-songs have cadences of sorrow,
The laughter of the sun to-day, the wind of death to-morrow.
Far sweeter sound the forest-notes where forest-streams are falling;
O mother mine, I cannot stay, the forest-folk are calling.