1. Stormbirds

From the recording That Which Lasts

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The storm bird or Kerlew has a very distinctive call and when my on again off again relationship finally ended, this bird became the unoffical spokesbird for my weeping heart. It recalls insomnia on sticky summer nights in a workers cottage in Queensland. Now when I hear the stormbird, I no longer ache but I can still smell those endless evenings.

I listen to the storm birds singing
Keening to the midnight sun
as the fan blows hot above my head
Where are you my love?

My skin glistens white
as the sheets sail below
and my body turns upon the sea
Where are you my love?

And the birds haunt my day
and their cries split the night
and it echos in my head like a taunt
Where are you my love?

I listen to the rain on my eves
as the season once again blows cold
and the birds, those bloody birds have gone flown somewhere
Where are you my love?

And the years have turned
and still I lay here awake
in those crawling dog black nights
Where are you my love?