1. Darklands

From the recording That Which Lasts

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This song came from nowhere and took 10 minutes to write. I smoked it in tobacco after soaking it in Jamesons with a good dash of Ian Rilen to boot.

I took a cab to the dark lands
I got out on queue
I stubbed my cigarette out
on my favorite shoe
I looked up and down the street
with a smokey sigh
I decided then
I'd like to stay there a while

I leant against a lamp post
That was bent on one side
I opened up a bottle
and drank down my pride
I sang a howling song
To the mocking moon
And danced like a monkey
on a jungle ruin

I lay down in the gutter
with my back to the stars
I asked a drowning rat
to send my regards to the gods
I thought of sleeping
my eyes were closed
But the images inside
were eatin up my soul

Ohhhhhhh........ Dark lands

Woke up sometime later
with a rug on my tongue
and my head was throbbing
like I'd just been hung
The street was all empty
I still had some dope
but I traded that virtue
for a fifty of hope

Ohhhhhhh........ Dark lands

Oh the dark lands will get you
You know that they will
You better run
If you know what's good for you

they swallow up your shine
they pickle you in brine
make you shriveled and wrinkled
way before your time

Ohhhhhhh........ Dark lands