Poems in the fridge

I have poems in my fridge for the summer 
Icy cold crisp with bright biting wit 
bubbling nuances, steamy back lit 
citrus sharp, striking and fit 
As sweat beads down my back,
I have poems for that. 

I have…

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My broken junk

I am a sailor on your sea of hope 
In a junk full of holes 
as your surge swells around 
I stand, legs apart shouting 
"You, my friend, have been found!" 

And you cast more fury, 
And I swing…

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Black picket fence

Black Picket Fence

I'm building a black picket fence
Its gonna be 10 miles wide
I'm gonna build it so tall
It'll reach the heaven high

I'll attach a brief note
On the top of my long fence
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She who is the sea

'She who is the sea'

This little foamy bubble,
Of flotsam and jetsem
Oil slick and fetchin’
Dances the salty edgings

She licks the blessed
Sway, as she sprays
Diffused mist, like bliss
upon drunk cast aways

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What the winds told me before I forgot

It starts with an ache
So small and hidden you can whisper past it.
It grows, sometimes slowly and sometimes like a wild fire
But it grows and we either drown it, attempt to strangle it, mock…Read more

A poem 

Poem to a lover lost but around

I have called for you in the inch space of my heart
Allowing each echo to resonate and call endlessly back into each fold

I have called for you in…Read more

Stuffing around 

There is much to be said about the dreamer and the doodlers of the world. Usually what is said sounds a little like this. 'Oh she has her head in the clouds' 'Can't you just try and be normal?' 'Look…Read more