She who is the sea

'She who is the sea'

This little foamy bubble,
Of flotsam and jetsem
Oil slick and fetchin’
Dances the salty edgings

She licks the blessed
Sway, as she sprays
Diffused mist, like bliss
upon drunk cast aways

And the heave and hoar
Of the distant shore
Whimpers Oh Oh Oh
You must have more.

So with glinted eyes
I scan my prize
The sparkle blue horize
Harks with joy her open skies

She is who is the sea
Says it wern’t me who made me
I was born from a tear, so long ago
That even I, no longer know

She hushes the hull,
The hardened the hulk
And sighs against the
Hated sides

Yet she damns you and
your metal doors
Your darkened rooms
And dirty floors

She damns the filth
the chains and hate
The masters that
Mock their forgotten fate

She damns with rust
With storms and lulls
And fetid food,
rotted in hulls

She damns with loneliness
So noble it boasts,
till time eroded the romance
and forgot the ghosts

She hisses and roars
At the arrogant ships
That dare deface her
Most sacred lips

Yet, she blesses me
As I dance iridescent and fetchin’
In the flotsam and jetsam
Of her foamy edgings

Ilona Harker

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