Black picket fence

Black Picket Fence

I'm building a black picket fence
Its gonna be 10 miles wide
I'm gonna build it so tall
It'll reach the heaven high

I'll attach a brief note
On the top of my long fence
To explain to the good lord above
About my sufferance

And sure I've been a sinner
But I have paid my dues
Putting up with some of those Adam's
That 'He' set on the loose

I'll expand further
upon my mighty woes
That surely the 'original sin'
Was Adam without his clothes

What irresponsible parent
would allow children thus,
to frolic naked in the bush
with snakes about the place?

To add insult to (possible work place) injury
he played mind games with his twins
Told them about the forbidden fruit
and said to eat it was a sin.

Now if I bought some Tim-tams
that I didn't bother to hide,
don't you think my kids wouldn't
go straight to the dark side?

Well honestly god,
you of the omnipotent fame
should have known better,
Now really, who's to blame

Yet, Instead of owning up
you pointed the finger instead
And blamed 'woman' for original sin
Well you know where that's led

With us women being frowned upon
for ever offering up our fruits
Your Churches, mosques and synagogues
are full of rude misogynist coots!

Well at least I was brought up with manners
And if needs be desires
offering a piece of fruit 
is surely a class of the highest

But instead I am made to feel
Like a scarlet whorish skank
If ever I offer up with joy
any more of my moreish flank

And yet you made me so damn sexy
So its not hard to see why
I'm building that black picket fence
Till it reaches the heavens high

So Thank you for your time god
Good luck with this whole mess
But you and I and women-kind know
its time for you to confess.

Till then I'm starting my own religion
In my lil' black gated Eden
And I'll appoint everyone god
And we'll all be even

And in this solipsist haven
I won't include shame
and we will cast out with great vengeance
all judgement, hate and blame

And if you want to visit us God
then I'll put on a cuppa tea
And wait silent, till I hear those mighty words...
Dear Eve, I'm so sorry

Ilona Harker 2010